Walking Seagroves Farm Park

Notes, musings, and photographs from my morning walks in Seagroves Farm Park

Latest from the Blog

Late(r) Summer Birds

This is the quiet time of year. The birds are done establishing territory, meeting each other, and mating. Now some are looking after young. Other youngsters are off on their own. All are generally staying quiet. They’re laying low, but they are still there. This morning I encountered 25 different species (even though that’s ratherContinue reading “Late(r) Summer Birds”

Working Title

Looks like it’s been a month since the last time I posted. I’ve accumulated a bunch of (what I think are) really good pictures. So without further ado… The Green Herons are settling in and nesting. I’ve been watching a pair of young ones flying around the pond for the past couple of days. ThisContinue reading “Working Title”

Annual Fledgling Post

Every year at this time, I’m surprised and heartened by the number of fledgling birds I see. The odds are against the nesting birds and their chicks. Springtime weather can be brutally variable. And the woods are full of birds and other animals that love to feast on eggs and baby birds. Yet, many triumph.Continue reading “Annual Fledgling Post”

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