Walking Seagroves Farm Park

Notes, musings, and photographs from my morning walks in Seagroves Farm Park

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FOY* White-eyed Vireo

As spring unfolds the warm-weather birds start to appear, such as the Tree Swallows and Bank Swallows I mentioned a few days ago. Yet, some winter birds are still around. I’m still seeing Slate-colored Juncos (a.k.a. “Snow Birds”), Yellow-bellied Sapsuckers, and on today’s walk, I saw four Ring-billed Gulls. To counterbalance the presence of those…

Swallow Two

Yesterday I posted a picture of a Tree Swallow, along with a picture of an Eastern Bluebird. The Tree Swallows first appears (to my knowledge) about two years ago. They probably visited the pond before, but they never stayed. It occurs to me, as I write, that their nesting at the pond is related to…

Blue bird? or Bluebird?

If you see a blue bird, does that make it a Bluebird? Not necessarily. If you see a bird that isn’t all blue, can it be a Bluebird? Perhaps. This first image is a Tree Swallow. It’s probably one of the prettiest blue birds we see around the pond (and it’s almost entirely blue). I…

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