Meet the Birder

I’m the guy you see every morning with binoculars and SLR (usually) slung over my shoulder.

I created this blog to share my pictures, thoughts, and experiences in Seagroves Farm Park. The park is a treasure, a jewel. It is host to many plants, birds, mammals, amphibians, and reptiles that are there to be appreciated. Any time of year, there is something to notice in the park, if you’re ready to see it.

How did I get here? I’ve had a life-long interest in the natural world. I grew up in the mountains above Boulder, Colorado, where we had acres and acres of land (very little of it level) to roam around. This and many other factors lead me to a degree in Geology from the University of Colorado. The science was cool (always an important factor), but what was almost more important to me was being able to be outside. Sure, we looked at formations, deposits, intrusions, deformations, contact zones, and many other delights of field geology, but also I could look around me and take in the trees, the birds, the skies, and all of nature.

Sad to say, once I graduated, I never did a day’s work in geology. But I retained my interest in flora and fauna wherever I lived.

Which brings me to Apex. My wife, son, and I live in Waterford Green, fairly close to the southern park entrance on Parkfield Drive. My morning walk from door to door, around the pond is almost exactly a mile. I try to make the walk every morning, no matter what the weather. There’s always something different awaiting me. And interesting weather often brings out interesting photographs.

That’s all for now. If you see me stop and say “Hi!” (at a safe social distance).

One thought on “Meet the Birder

  1. Simon, it’s great to read through your blogs. My sister and I noticed the pine warblers at our feeder the last time we were here at Apex two weeks ago. I hadn’t seen that bird before.


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