The “Greenies” are Back!

Around the end of March the Green Herons show up around Seagroves Farm Pond.

Last Tuesday, I looked down toward the pond from the North path (I have a few other names for it, mostly due to the fact that I see so few birds along it) and saw a familiar shape walking along the water’s edge.

Wednesday, I didn’t see a Green Heron, but heard a familiar “skeow” call from just south of the dock.

Thursday, a pair was flying around and both alit in a tree close to the picnic shelter.

There I took the picture at the top of this post, and this one—which I had to enhance somewhat—in which the Green Heron look a great deal like a pterodactyl.

While they live around the pond, we can expect the couples to have two to three clutches of nestlings. Look around the bushes edging the pond and you might see something like these characters:

Green Heron nestlings from 2017

The “Greenies” will be with us until late-August or early-September, when they return to the coast or other warmer climates. I’m still not quite sure why they leave so early, as the warm weather continues well into October. Perhaps when they’re done having chicks, it’s time to go.

I’ll have to read more.

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