“Sitting on the dock of the bay…”

This morning a Great Blue Heron decided to sit on the dock. It stayed there the whole time I was walking around the pond. I saw others—like me—sneak down the ramp and take a quick picture or two, but the Heron was (heh, heh) unflappable.

I have a couple of postscripts to this weekend’s sad story (a Green Heron was killed when it got caught in some abandoned fishing line). I took some pictures of the dead bird but I couldn’t bring myself to process them, or post them.

  • I called the town’s Parks and Rec department. A sympathetic person there said she would have a maintenance crew come out to help clean up the fishing line. I do hope they attend to it soon.
  • This morning, another pair of Green Herons was flying around the pond, perhaps looking for a nesting site. (There was probably a realtor Green Heron somewhere with them.)

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