Add Another Species

This morning brought another new sighting around the pond: a pair of Tree Swallows. We often get the occasional Bank Swallow in the spring, they’re probably the most common swallows you’ll see in our area. But a Tree Swallow is a new one (for me).

Speaking of “new,” I happened across a family of Eastern Phoebes beside one of the retaining ponds in the Seagroves neighborhood. It’s close enough to the park—and part of my walk—so I count is as part of the park. Momma phoebe was doing all she could to keep all three of the little ones fed.

The other pictures in today’s post? Well, I can’t help myself with Eastern Bluebirds, I loved it that the Red-bellied Woodpecker showed it’s back so beautifully, and the lines of a silhouetted Great Blue Heron are always gorgeous.

I’ll have to count again, but I think the Tree Swallows bring my list of species I’ve encountered around the pond to 86. Or maybe 87. I don’t think I added the White-eyed Vireo I saw the other day at the retaining pond where the phoebes were feeding.

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