Owl, Again

After I see the Barred Owl on its roost, I always wonder when (or if) I’ll see it again. I suppose I take so many pictures of it, because I’m never sure how long my luck will continue. The last time I saw it was a couple of months ago (I believe).

It was back again yesterday.

I say “it” but I have no way of knowing if it’s actually the same owl returning to the same spot, or one of a number of Barred Owls that all enjoy the roost from time to time. I haven’t been able to see any difference in appearance. However, with birds, all members of the same species will share some common traits, including markings.

Anyway, it put on a nice show for me, looking one way, then another.

I’ve encountered a number of other birds in the past couple of weeks. These few held still long enough for portraits. (I’ve captured countless blurry pictures of Ruby-crowned and Golden-crowned Kinglets. When I find a Kinglet that stays in my viewfinder for more than a nanosecond, I’ll put it in a post.)

Here are an Eastern Towhee, White-breasted Nuthatch, Pine Warbler, and a pair of Red-winged Blackbirds. I like that the Pine Warbler appeared in a spot of sunlight. The red wing isn’t often visible when Red-winged Blackbirds are roosting. I’m particularly pleased that the one on the left showed not just a patch of red, but an additional bar of yellow.

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