Updated Lists!

On the front page of my site, in the upper right-hand corner are two menu items: “Image Gallery” and “Bird Species.” If you click on the menu items (or even the links here), you’ll see, respectively, a gallery of my favorite pictures from previous posts and a list of the birds you might see at Seagroves Farm Park.

For the past few months I’ve been wanting to enhance the “Bird Species” lists; finally I’ve found some time to update them. In the old list, the entry for each family (or order) simply contained a bulleted list naming the birds. The categories have remained the same, but I have replaced the bulleted list with a table that details:

  • The species
  • How common (or uncommon) the bird is
  • How often I expect to see the bird.
  • When can you expect to see the bird
  • A small map showing the places where I most often see the bird

A couple of notes about the maps:

  • The color of my marks on the map indicates the season when the bird is present (Orange for summer, blue for winter, purple for year-round, and yellow for spring or fall migration).
  • Some species, such as vultures or winter ducks cover the entire map—or the entire pond. Others, such as Juncos or White-throated Sparrows, only appear in specific locations.
  • The maps includes portions of the Seagroves Farms townhouses (and the retention pond at the end of Haybarn Court). Although these areas are not a part of Seagroves Park, proper, but my daily walks take me behind the townhouses and past the retention pond. I see and photograph many birds there. Most species I see there are the same as the birds I see around the pond, but because it’s a nice walk, I thought I would include it in the maps.
  • The maps do emphasize the path of my walk. I don’t often walk up the other entrance paths to the park (from Old Grove Lane or Rainesview Lane). If you walk those paths and have further information about what species you see there, I’d love to hear it.

Of course, I couldn’t post a page without some pictures. Here are a Downy Woodpecker and Ruby Crowned Kinglet from Boxing Day. The cover image is a Northern Mockingbird, also from Boxing Day.

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