Working Title

Looks like it’s been a month since the last time I posted. I’ve accumulated a bunch of (what I think are) really good pictures. So without further ado…

The Green Herons are settling in and nesting. I’ve been watching a pair of young ones flying around the pond for the past couple of days. This one is mature, but a bit vocal.

Common Yellowthroats were very, um, common in May.

Brown-headed Nuthatches took over one of the nesting boxes. I think the Eastern Bluebirds have reclaimed it.

Geese were found almost anywhere during the molt. One of the pair on the right seemed to be enjoying sliding down the tin roof.

I spied a trio of Spotted Sandpipers while I was gathering pictures for the immature bird post. This one was sharing the settling pond with a Song Sparrow.

We were graced with the beauty of a Great-blue Heron.

This Tree Swallow was very cooperative. It didn’t seem to mind me getting quite close, front and back.

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