Phoebe in Pink

Walking by the dock today, I heard some Brown-headed Nuthatches making their squeaky toy sounds. Then I heard another sound down by the water, almost like the Nuthatches, but a bit more pronounced. Then I heard it more distinctly: “fee-beee, fee-beeeee.”

I’ve seen an Eastern Phoebe around the pond for the past few days. When this one took its pose in a blooming tree, with reddish sweetgum buds behind it, I couldn’t resist. I fairly well knew how the picture would look before I pushed the shutter.

Then it said “fee-beeee,” just as the camera clicked.

5 thoughts on “Phoebe in Pink

    1. Hi David! I’m using a Canon R7 with a 100-400mm f5.6-8 lens. The R7 has a APS-C sensor (rather than full-frame), which has a crop factor of 1.6x. So I’m getting an effective 160-640mm range.


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