Spring Green

On Saturday I wrote in my post that I expected to hear Green Herons anytime in the next few days. The very next day, as I approached the pond, I heard “Skeeawwww.” A few minutes later, I actually saw the heron, but the light wasn’t great for photography. Nor was it in a photogenic spot.

This morning, I heard the Green Herons again, then found one on the shore of the pond. It put on quite a show.

Just as I started shooting, it darted its head into the water and came up with a small fish.

I like that its crest is slightly raised.

After swallowing the fish, it turned around and gave me a nice, coy posterior view.

Then, as it turned around a bit more, it stretched out its neck and raised its crest more fully.

A couple of minutes later, it flew over to a wooded portion of the pond.

Overall, a nice first encounter of the season with the Green Herons.

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