Poster Girl, or Boy

Correction from yesterday. I was so energized about having seen a Palm Warbler, I entirely missed that every time I meant to write “Palm Warbler” I wrote “Pine Warbler.” (Pine Warblers are quite common at Seagroves Pond; I see and hear them just about every day.) Thanks to a couple of friends, I have since updated the post to indicate the correct bird. Apologies.

In yesterday’s post I talked about categorizing images into three groups: artistic pictures, reference plates, and desperation shots. Today’s image might be categorized as a “reference plate.”

I know I posted a picture of a Tree Swallow not too long ago, but this one really needed its picture taken.

The bird flew onto the sign, just as I walked past it. Even while I futzed with the camera, it remained in place, giving me its best “I’m ready for my close-up, Mr. DeMille.”

I like this one because you can see much more of the bird’s variation in color. And I like the detail of the minute feathers on its mantle and coverts (essentially its back).

Tomorrow: artistic pictures.

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