Cedar Waxwings in an ice storm

We had an ice storm (of sorts) this morning. The ice only gathered on trees, but it was rainy, miserable, and cold. I didn’t even go for my walk, because it was so awful.

Later on, as I was working, I looked out the window and saw that all the trees I could see were filled with Cedar Waxwings. I saw a large-ish flock a couple of days ago, while walking, but that was nothing compared to this onslaught. I’m estimating somewhere around 250 individuals, but perhaps more. I couldn’t see all our trees; now I wonder if there were even more birds than I thought.

The usual apologies about the images. The light was poor, and I took these through a window that (admittedly) needs cleaning. Click on an image to see a larger version. Like something? leave me a comment (below).

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