Better Cedar Waxwing shots, the Owl returns (and again), Kingfisher gets brave

The past few days have turned up some great shots.

The Barred Owl keeps returning to the same branch. Thursday and Friday, it was back again. It must feel comfortable there, despite the nearby traffic.

Belted Kingfishers can be very shy birds (unless they’re laying claim to territory, in which case they can be oblivious to all, but other Kingfishers). This one was flying around the pond, chattering as usual, and alit closer than usual—still a stretch for my 300mm lens.

In my post of Cedar Waxwings in an ice storm, I regretted that the picture quality was rather low. As if to make up for last week’s bad timing, they showed up again on Friday. At first I thought they were only in the front of the house, but when I got inside, I saw that they were in our back yard, too. I took a few pictures through the windows, but not being satisfied with them, I took a chance on opening our back door. Unlike the skittish Kingfisher, the Waxwings really didn’t mind whether I was there or not. I was happy about their position: close by, not silhouetted against the sky, and showing the tips of their tails quite nicely. There’s even a red wing tip in the shot.

Now I want to clean the bird bath, in case we get a repeat.

Click on the images to see them larger. Leave me a comment!

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