Hawks’ Nest

Last week a number of us saw a male Red-shouldered Hawk performing courtship displays. It was fantastic to see him tuck his wings in while he dived and swooped.

It looks like he’s settling down with a mate. A couple of days ago I saw a Red-shouldered Hawk swoop up to a tree in the woods. Then I noticed the pile of leaves it alit upon. A minute or so later another hawk flew up and they “conversed.”

One or the other of the hawks seems, ahem, a little under-aged. The stripes on the upper breast of this bird indicate it’s a juvenile. Time to do some reading on Red-shouldered Hawk life histories.

It would be nice to see this pair raise some chicks. But it might not happen this time around.

2 thoughts on “Hawks’ Nest

  1. Great shot! I saw another Hawk this morning by my house. It flew down towards the nest. Not sure if you saw it or not. Jo


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