I haven’t posted much of late, mostly because I haven’t taken many pictures that I thought were worth sharing.

As I’ve said before, once mating is over and the birds are about the business of feeding the young, their level of visibility decreases sharply. Also, with the thick foliage on the trees, there aren’t as many opportunities to photograph birds.

However, they do emerge from time to time. The young Green Herons like to climb trees. Tree Swallows compete for landing spots. Red-bellied Woodpeckers occasionally drop low enough for pictures. And Kingbirds are attracted to the signs around the pond (I like that the one at the bottom of the gallery looks like it’s trying to read the sign).

Finally, I’d like to thank the Town of Apex for erecting two stations for used fishing line. Since they have appeared, I haven’t seen any line left behind on “the dock.” It doesn’t necessarily solve the problem of casts abandoned in the shrubs surrounding the pond, but it’s a start.

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