Look Left!

Here are a few pictures from last week. As it turned out, in all the images I liked best, the subjects are looking to the left of the frame.

This fledgling Green Heron has just about lost all of it’s fluff, with just a bit remaining on top. I saw it and its siblings perched on the dock for the last week or so.

This site isn’t entirely about the birds around the pond. I was chatting with one of my fellow walkers near the dock, when I noticed a doe and fawn not far from us. They must have been there the entire time we were talking.

This old pine tree, across Parkfield Dr. from Seagroves Park, has been steadily losing its branches. But there’s enough space for a Turkey Vulture. I’ve seen other vultures (such as this Black Vulture) on the tree, when there was more to land on:

2 thoughts on “Look Left!

  1. Simon,

    I saw the fledgling on the ledge of the dock two mornings last weekend also!

    Love the “look left”!




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